Charlie Hebdo Killers Almost Aborted Plan Due To A Stomach Bug

19/02/2015 1:05 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST
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OZAN KOSE via Getty Images
Turkish anti-Charlie Hebdo protesters hold a banner with pictures of Cherif and Said Kouachi (R), two Islamist gunmen who killed 12 people in an attack on Charlie Hebdo, during a demonstration against the depiction of the Prophet Mohammed by the French satirical weekly and mourning two Islamist gunmen who killed 12 people in an attack on Charlie Hebdo, in Istanbul on January 16, 2015. About 50 Turkish islamists gathered after friday prayer at Fatih Mosque to protest after the magazine published this week a 'survivors' issue featuring an image of the Prophet Mohammed weeping. AFP PHOTO/OZAN KOSE (Photo credit should read OZAN KOSE/AFP/Getty Images)

The gunmen who killed 12 people at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo's office in Paris were almost about to abort the attack plan after one of them had a "stomach bug."

According to The Mirror, a police report said that Said Kouchi, one of the attackers, had contracted a "virulent stomach bug" and was left bed-ridden for the entire day before the massacre.

However, after taking medication, he was well enough to execute the attack on January 7.

The attack was condemned widely by the West and led to millions of people taking to streets to support free speech.

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