23 July 2016

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Mark Manuel Editor

Saint Of The Gutters: When The Little Nun In A Sari Asked For My Help

AFP/Getty Images
Long before her impending canonization was announced, I met Mother Teresa by chance, near a gutter in Bombay. I was very young; I had some idea who she was, but not what she did. By the time I realized my mistake, it was too late. I was a journalist by then. And she had no time for journalists. Though that day in 1979, all Mother Teresa had wanted from me was a moment of MY time.

How The Bangladesh Government Helped Create The Wolf It Warned Against

Adnan Abidi / Reuters
The change in the political landscape over the last several years has made it impossible for the main centre right political party (BNP) to operate; Islamist political organizations are equally restricted. Unfortunately, the current government’s running of such outfits underground and pushing them out of every open political space in Bangladesh has had a calamitous consequence: hundreds of thousands of young activists and students have become vulnerable to manipulation by extremists.

Rumi Ahmed Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Central Florida

I Thought I Could Never Love My Son...

Miho Aikawa
My son was born at 30 weeks. I felt nothing when the nurse brought this little lizard-like character wrapped in a towel to me. Instead of being overwhelmed by love, I distinctly remember thinking, “Oh my god! He is such a scrawny ugly little thing. What a waste of six months of throwing up good food!” For days when he was in the NICU and I was in my bed two wards down, I went to see him only because the nurses asked me to…

Lolita Chattoraj Sengupta Lead, Social Learning at an MNC

7 Best Haunts For Hilsa In Kolkata

Bengalis love hilsa so much that they have anointed it the “macher rani”, or queen of fish! Try it when it’s prepared right and you’ll know why. If you don’t want to fiddle around with recipes or cook, there are some fabulous restaurants that are serving special hilsa dishes this monsoon. Here are our favourites.

Zomato The world's local restaurant guide

Don't Blame Motherhood For Lack Of #WomenInTech. The Problem Starts With Girls

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
It is heartening to hear a whole lot of dialogue and conversation happening around how to get more women in tech and how to help them succeed in their careers and so on. But pardon me everyone, at some point it all started becoming noise and not meaningful conversation. I have good reasons for saying this.

Vrunda Bansode Co-founder and Business Head at Cloud Mentor

Clearing Up All The Bull Around Jallikattu

Getty Images
Now that the Supreme Court of India has confirmed a ban on Jallikattu -- a cruel male entertainment popular in some parts of Tamil Nadu, in which bulls are deliberately chased -- frightened and tormented, proponents of the “sport” are claiming it is somehow essential to the preservation of native cattle breeds. What a bunch of bull!

Poorva Joshipura Vice President of International Operations with PETA Foundation

Abdul Sattar Edhi: The Man Who Begged For A Better World

Caren Firouz / Reuters
Edhi, a frail bearded man dressed in dark clothes, asking for charity, was sometimes mistaken as a beggar by the public when he started his work. Despite this, he managed to set up the biggest empire of charity work in Pakistan. It was a common sight in Karachi: this great philanthropist "begging" for charity in the streets and on the main roads. He begged not for himself but for the poor people he sought to uplift. He lived among them, worked among them and identified himself with them.

Taimur Shamil Broadcast journalist, writer

Why The Aspiring Middle Class Lays Such A Premium On Private Education

Anindito Mukherjee / Reuters
Our driver Vinod and most of the domestic workers I have spoken to have no qualms about spending even half of what they earn on their children’s education. Which is what got me wondering -- why is our aspiring middle class willing to pay such a price premium for their kids' education in private schools? Here are some of the things that came up through the conversations that I had.

Nidhi D. Bruce Writer and Web Entrepreneur

18 Campus Safety Tips That Every College Student Should Memorize

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Being on a college campus is fun, but it's easy to gain a false sense of security when surrounded by your peers. After all, they're just honest students like you, right? Wrong. It's important to acknowledge and remember that you don't always know who you can trust, even when you're in the college campus.

Topsgrup India’s largest security group

My Tryst With Chinese 'Democracy'

Scott E Barbour
The highlight of my Chinese experience as part of a Visva Bharati delegation visiting Yunnan University was our introduction to "Chinese democracy". This nomenclature was interesting considering that most of the world considers democracy to be non-existent in China. Nonetheless, the term exists, and a vague idea of democracy is also referred to in intellectual circles. However, it is not considered to be as inspiring an ideal as it is in India.

Siddharth Sivakumar Writer, Critic

'The Treatment For Drug-Resistant TB Can Consume You'

Getty Images
Zakir was 17 when he started coughing. He was in Delhi, working as an embroiderer after running away from home. He lived and worked with 25 other embroiderers in a single room in the Kotla Mubarkpur area. Zakir's story is the story of thousands of migrants in India's urban cities. With crowded living and working conditions, as well as poor nutrition, TB creeps up on them and often remains undetected.

Chapal Mehra New Delhi-based writer

Caught In A Time Warp: Meghalaya's Forgotten Minorities

AFP/Getty Images
The plains belt of the West Garo Hills remains one of the most neglected regions in Meghalaya. Housing two non-reserved constituencies -- Phulbari and Rajabala -- the region is marred by wide-scale unemployment, poor educational and health indicators, unchecked crimes such as kidnapping and extortion, and river erosion-induced displacement triggered every year by floods in the Brahmaputra…

Rafiul Alom Rahman Researcher, Activist

Why India Should Support Balochistan In Its Fight For Freedom

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Contrary to what many Indian geo-strategic brains argue, Balochistan is not a way for India to settle scores over Kashmir. In fact, I find the said line of argument highly immature. However, in addition to taking a stand on the moral dimension of human rights abuses and killings, India has other strategic reasons to support the Baloch national movement.

Abhinav Pandya Graduate in Public Policy from Cornell University

Get Rid of These 6 Bad Habits to Boost Your Productivity

Getty Images/Blend Images
Taking care of your health needn’t be a gargantuan undertaking. Monitoring the little things we do almost automatically throughout the day can lead to big changes. Here’s a list of 6 bad habits that you can easily work on to lead a better life.

UrbanClap Mobile-based services marketplace

The Basics Of Waging A Winning Insurgency

While my novel 03:02 focuses on a physical occupation by an enemy, I believe that certain core principles apply to any insurgency that challenges the status quo -- in any field. Whether it is changing the culture at a workplace, challenging a social evil, trying to overcome deep-rooted prejudices, the common theme is that there is some tyranny -- whether physical or that of ingrained habits and beliefs -- that needs to be overthrown.

Mainak Dhar Author

Can The Post Of Governor Be Redeemed?

Getty Images/Moment Open
Recently, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar called for the abolition of the post of governor. He is not alone in his thinking. The argument is that governors are beholden to their political masters and ever-willing to meddle in state politics so as to help topple duly elected governments. This is largely true, but I believe getting rid of the institution is akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Jai Prakash Ojha Assistant Registrar, Indira Gandhi National Open University

'Yeh Kya Hua, Kaise Hua, Kyun Hua...'

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Rajesh Khanna’s tale is somewhere incomplete. To have seen such dizzying heights of heady fame and then to experience such impenetrable oblivion requires some inner toughness. Khanna’s life was colourful, complex, convoluted, and profoundly impactful. Even if he had lived another 20 years, the unfathomable vacuum of a rainy gray 18 July, 2012 would have still felt the same. We would still say, “Yeh kya hua, kaise hua, kyun hua…”

Sanjay Jha National Spokesperson, Indian National Congress party

These Indian Ad Campaigns Won More Than Just Accolades At Cannes Lions 2016

Best Media Info/Youtube
It has been a great year for Indian advertising at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, the world's most prestigious awards show for the creative communications industry. India bagged a whopping 27 medals in various categories and for the first time, an Indian agency, Medulla Communications, bagged the 'Healthcare Agency of the Year' title at the festival. The one thing that stood out in this year's outing is that all the winning campaigns were creatively crafted and stood for values above and beyond the product or service itself.

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