31 August 2016

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Why I Wholeheartedly Support France's Burkini Ban

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It is important to remember that this ban isn't directed at women. It is actually meant to strike a blow at the patriarchal oppression of women. France wants no part in this systematic inequality and is also wary of the influence that these orthodox attitudes can have in pushing their own society back in time.

Amit Nangia Development professional

A.S. Dulat Is Wrong, Dialogue Won't Solve The Kashmir Problem

Faisal Mahmood / Reuters
In a recent interview to The Wire, former RAW chief A.S. Dulat suggested that the only way to solve the Kashmir imbroglio is through dialogue, not aggression. I submit that Mr. Dulat's statements in this context are meaningless clichés and platitudes. They are totally superficial, and reflect little understanding of the realities of the Kashmir problem. Those who think that mere political dialogue can resolve the Kashmir problem are living in a fool's paradise. They do not know what is really happening. So, let me explain.

Markandey Katju Former Judge, Supreme Court of India; Former Chairman, Press Council of India

5 Ways Of Reviving Engineering Education And Creating More Jobs For Engineers In India

The best year for engineers was the pass-out batch of 2006-07 (82% placed) exactly 10 years ago. This was the batch that got into colleges in 2003-2004. At that point, the number of seats offered for engineering was almost on par with aspirants looking for jobs. It was the year when the tech/software companies were flying high. As the engineering institutions tasted success, they started expanding.

Mahesh Peri Entrepreneur

7 Women Who've Earned Their Place In The Kitchen

It is often assumed that women don't want to work in professional kitchens because of the demanding nature of the job, the long hours and the stress of juggling work with family. Well, this clearly isn't always the case. We spoke to a few fabulous women chefs and restaurateurs and uncovered some of their secret ingredients for success.

Zomato The world's local restaurant guide

Come On BBC, Are These Really The 100 Greatest Films Of The 21st Century?

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The BBC recently released a list of the 100 greatest films of the 21st century i.e. from the year 2000 onwards. The list was selected by a panel of 177 international film critics including a handful from India. To say that I am utterly disappointed with the picks would be an understatement. More than anything, the list reflects the jury's lack of understanding of contemporary world cinema. The choices made by some of the Indian critics, especially, are almost hilarious.

Murtaza Ali Khan Independent film critic and author of the movie blog 'A Potpourri of Vestiges'

India Must Build Its Growth Story Around Innovation

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Innovation worries us. At one level, many perceive it as a threat to their jobs and, in fact, to their way of thinking and behaving. It challenges what they are used to. At another and more profound level, there is genuine fear of failure. After all, not all innovations succeed. Indeed, most fail. A combination of the above is often the reason why governments and institutions are usually averse to innovation and thus, change.

Amit Dasgupta India country director, University of New South Wales

'Gray' Areas In Data Protection: A Tale Of Ignorance And Interpretation

Shashank Mishra
Where ignorance is bliss, /’tis folly to be wise.” Thomas Gray is commonly quoted today for the above lines. And yet, how often do we only quote “ignorance is bliss”, while being ignorant of his actual context? This is a tale of ignorance: that of our lawmakers towards our laws, our data and us. It is also a tale of our own ignorance of the implications of this. The laws in this tale are those relating to our data protection.

Why Delhi Would Be Better Off Without Its Municipal Corporations

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
The case for transfer of power from Centre to the state has been made by all political parties at different points in time and is more a matter of political will than consensus. What is less talked about is the role of municipal corporations and the value that they add to governance in Delhi. I argue for merging the municipal corporations with the state government.

Prateek Sibal Charpak Fellow at Sciences Po, Paris

Does ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Even Exist?

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As ISIS' grand facade of a "caliphate" crumbles and it devolves into an improvised insurgency capable only of mounting terrorist attacks, you have to wonder: Where in blazes is its self-styled "caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

S.Mubashir Noor Freelance journalist

Sri Sri Is Dabbling In Kashmir Now, And I'm Not Surprised

Mark Manuel
As a weekend guest at his ashram in Bengaluru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar could not have asked for anybody as questionable as Muzaffar Wani, the father of Burhan Wani, the Hizbul Mujahideen militant who was shot dead by security forces in J&K on 8 July. The Art of Living guru and Muzaffar are believed to have discussed the current situation of “suffering in the Valley”. And ways to restore “peace and normalcy.” That won’t happen, of course, but I’m not surprised at Sri Sri’s initiative.

Mark Manuel Editor

Remembering Ayyankali, The Indomitable Social Reformer Who Paved The Way For Dalit Empowerment

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Ayyankali was a rebel with a cause. He firmly stood rooted in ensuring Dalits had their share of representation. But he did not play the role of a disruptor by going against the State. At a time when there was no space for Dalits in the public sphere, Ayyankali brought in revolutionary steps that sowed the seeds of future Dalit-led empowerment.

Guru Prakash Ph.D. Scholar, University of Delhi

Sudarshan Ramabadran Research Fellows at the India Foundation

Manly Men And The Irresistible Non-Machoness Of Lord Krishna

Ajay Verma / Reuters
A couple of months ago, a friend and I were ambling in Delhi Haat, where we encountered an exquisite painting. The painting depicted Krishna massaging Radha's feet. My friend found the painting a bit curious. When we sat down to treat ourselves with some melt-in-the-mouth pooranpolis at the Maharashtra food stall, he asked me," Isn't Krishna supposed to be the alpha-male, the chick-magnet? How can he be shown to be so subservient?"

Let's Be The Wind Beneath Their Feet

For Vinod, a state-level runner, athletics was not a future he remotely envisaged. Growing up struggling to survive on the meagre earnings of his father, all that he had to hold on to was his school books, giving him glimpses of a vibrant, gargantuan world full of boundless opportunities. But a family tragedy changed everything.

World Vision India Humanitarian organisation focussing on children

Has Social Media Nudged Out News As We Knew It?

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Major networking sites have shaken up content delivery, enabling news to get to you within nano-seconds. People are getting to know about events and reacting to occurrences such as earthquakes or major government policy decisions on social platforms on smartphones rather than reaching for the TV remote. The former is “omnipresent” and easily scores over traditional media. For millennials, news means what you see on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and the like.

Robert Bu General Manager, UCWeb India

How Much Of Their Award Money Will PV Sindhu And Sakshi Malik Actually Get?

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
The country is ecstatic with the glory of medals… but no offence, given that we live and breathe taxes, our minds immediately start calculating the actual amount of money that will be credited in the sportswomen’s bank accounts. We cannot help but grapple with questions such as, “Is there any tax deducted from such incomes?” or “Are these people liable for any special kind of tax?” or “Are these incomes exempt?” So let’s get an insight into what actually happens!

Tax2win Online portal for anything and everything related to taxation

The Autobiography Of A Pothole

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Unless you are a Member of Parliament (and have been one all your life), you might have some recollection of me (or at least a few of my kind). You may remember me from the street your house sits on, or from one of the many humbling encounters I play host to daily. Or you might have heard about our kind from the media's annual week-long pothole coverage fest. Not that we covet the limelight. Why, publicity is seriously detrimental to our very existence!

Vishesh Kashyap Student, orator, dreamer

The Pointlessness Of Jungle Safaris

Jerry Redfern via Getty Images
Human beings going on a jungle safari in a national park… what a ridiculous activity it is. I have been on quite a few of them myself and trust me I am not particularly proud. We love to create so much drama and suspense around the whole deal. We think of ourselves as great achievers if we manage to get a glimpse of the animal and feel utterly depressed if the mission fails.

Sanjukta Basu Writer, Photographer, Story Teller. Social Media Consultant. Feminist Scholar